An orangery oozes sophistication, charm and life in the lap of luxury, harking back to a bygone age.Something you might expect to see at an historic stately home on a country estate, but as for owning one yourself, only in your wildest dreams.

Until now, that is…

We have launched our own unique system which will offer customers something really special. Keeping pace with ever-changing technology and lifestyles, the orangery has evolved. For the discerning homeowner, the latest designs provide a valuable addition to your home that is both stylish and elegant.

If you are looking for something more than a conservatory or a typical extension, an orangery is the obvious solution. It is also extremely adaptable for example kitchen extension, entertaining space or dining room are three options you might wish to consider. Alternatively, it can be a retreat from the rest of the house, a relaxing haven whose comforts you can enjoy all year round.


The first orangeries were luxurious outbuildings which became a symbol of wealth and affluence. Their main purpose, as the name suggests was the nurturing of orange trees and other exotic plants brought into the country by the privileged few who could afford to travel overseas.

The beautiful and ornate surroundings of the orangery soon came into their own, as a perfect place to socialise. Using the latest insulation and glazing materials, it is now possible to build an orangery which keeps faith with the heritage of the past, but is more in keeping with today’s modern design and living requirements. We can transform your dreams into reality.

We have a thorough understanding of our local buildings and can achieve exactly the right combination of style, design and individual bespoke requirements for your property. Our team can work with the space you have available to create a design that will complement the architectural features of your home. We will work closely with you to try and incorporate all your requirements and keep within your budget as best we can. We can take on as much or as little work as you require, from planning, design, building control, building works and so on, to a complete service including all the internal and external finishing work for example electrics, plastering and basic landscaping etc.