For a long time, as a result of the ongoing research and developments, PVCu doors have been seen as one of the more robust materials to be used in the home market. Hi-tech locking mechanisms, newly developed hinge security, galvanised steel reinforcing and the introduction of new and exciting panel designs have totally changed the face of this ‘front line’ security.

There are many benefits to using this versatile material.

Your home will be WARMER, QUIETER and of course the IMPROVED SECURITY gives you piece of mind.

Whether you are looking to ADD VALUE, do away with tiresome maintenance, personalise your entrance, or protect your home, a Sash Windows Door will meet all your needs. Now the emphasis is changing to take on new demands, such as the needs of the disabled. With the introduction of low thresholds, wider apertures and extended handles, this is something else that the PVC-u door has quickly responded to with only a nominal change. As a result we offer residential doors, stable doors, composite doors, patio doors, in-line patio doors and bi-fold doors.