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Q: How safe is my guarantee?
A: Every Network VEKA member will give every customer, free of charge, our unique, insurance-backed ten-year guarantee. This ensures that your guarantee lives on even if your Network VEKA member company should cease to trade.


Q: Are all insurance-backed guarantees this safe?
A: Not necessarily. Firstly, the guarantee is given by Network VEKA rather than the installer, and secondly, our guarantee is supported by an insurance policy in our name which which covers our liabilities under the guarantees we give. The Network VEKA guarantee also covers you if the member company ceases to trade for any reason, not just insolvency.


Q: Does the guarantee cover my deposit?
A: Where a member asks for a deposit you will be given a separate guarantee to cover this, with all the security of the main guarantee (above). This covers a deposit up to £10,000 or 25% of the total installation cost, whichever is the lesser.


Q: What happens to the guarantee if we move house?
A: Your Network VEKA guarantee can, on payment of our administrative costs, be passed on to the new owners of your home. So not only are they fully covered but also you have the added benefit you can sell with your house.


Q: How do I know I can trust the company that I’m dealing with?
A: Network VEKA not only sets strict standards for every member, it even vets every candidate to assess financial stability before allowing before allowing it to join. Only those companies that uphold the standards are allowed to continue as members. Also every member’s employee who visits your home carries an identity card as your assurance that the company really is a member.


Q: How can I be sure that the company and its people are up to standard?
A: Network VEKA demands that every member company’s staff are trained to our standards in all relevant areas such as surveying, installation and building and fire regulations. But it doesn’t end there.: Network VEKA also regularly audits every member to make sure they are up to scratch.


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Q: How can I trust the quality of the materials used?
A: The structure and rules of Network VEKA mean that all of the frames used by an installer member must not only be made of extrusion products from VEKA plc, one of the worlds most technically advanced PVC-U systems but also manufactured by a Network VEKA fabricator member. That way, you can depend on our promise of quality at every stage.


Q: What if I am not happy with anything about the installation?
A: Every customer is invited to complete our Customer Satisfaction Questionnaire and each one of these from every single installation (around 10,000 a year) is collated to give a precise and constant running check on every member. To give you some idea of the standards we set, Network VEKA members collectively score 97-98% as against an industry standard for all home improvements which is rather less than 85%! Of course, any problem with the product itself is covered by our guarantees as well as your statutory rights.


Q: How long will my installation last?
A: We always speak of PVC-U products such as windows, doors and conservatories lasting a lifetime because, unlike wood, there are no natural factors such as rotting or warping to limit its life. In practical terms, the industry standard is that a ‘lifetime’ is defined as 25 years or more, assuming a little simple maintenance occasionally. PVC-U has only been used as a window frame material since the 1960s but many of the very earliest frames are still going strong.


Q: Will my installation need any maintenance?
A: PVC-U will never need painting and will give many years of service with only the minimum of maintenance. you can keep everything looking as good as new with just an occasional wipe with slightly soapy water followed by a rinse and the occasional spot of oil on the hinges and joints of the mechanism will keep everything running smoothly (we recommend liquid oil rather than the spray variety). Once your installation is complete, you will receive our free booklet with all the advice you need on maintenance.


Q: What should I do if I am pleased with everything you have done?
A: Tell your friends! when an organisation like ours is based so strongly on the principle of keeping the customers satisfied, then your recommendations are are extremely important to us. In fact, we are very proud that a high proportion of our work comes from such recommendations. It’s just one more reason why all of our members are committed to doing their very best – every time!